Community Manager, Eleeka Zolfaghari

Eleeka Zolfaghari is a young professional in the realm of social media, content, and community. She is an avid gamer and anime connoisseur. In her own words, she is a majorly fantastical nerd with a dream career involved in these two industries focusing on content creation and hosting her own show! 


Eleeka is highly passionate about bringing diversity and inclusion to the gaming and anime space. She wants to identify meaningful ways to support underrepresented groups such as women, minorities, people with disabilities, and the LQBTQ community. This passion is what spurred her to join WIGI and help grow and engage the community. Being a staunch mental health advocate with a psychology background, she hopes to bring health, happiness, and heterogeneity to all nerds and geeks alike. 


Fun fact: Eleeka is the world’s biggest Fairy Tail Fan. No one loves Fairy Tail as much as her…NO ONE!! She will vehemently defend that title to the bitter end.

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