Director of Programs, Emi Vener

Coming out the Carolinas, Emi Vener is the founder of a women’s gaming organization called The Athena Alliance CLT, as well as a content producer and team owner. She is also an advisory board member for the Black Collegiate Gaming Association. She is dedicated to issues directly involving women's rights and allies in the LGBTQIA community as well as passionate about video games and learning more about the industry at large. 


As WIGI's Director of Programs, Emi oversees and manages the program and workshop content that encompasses WIGI’s mission, as well as having a direct line to the community at large.

She has produced various types of content from tournaments to crowdfunding and educational forums for women in the gaming space by working with Hitmarker, Xbox, Playstation, and HyperX. 

In her free time she loves playing everything from Overwatch to Dead by Daylight. 

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