Director of Global Partnerships, Jenn MacDonald

Jenn MacDonald's love for gaming began at the age of three when she picked up a VTech Socrates Entertainment System and has only grown over the years. Growing up as a military B.R.A.T. (Been Relocated All the Time) meant video games were the stability in her ever-changing environment. After expanding her family, Jenn's love of gaming was the catalyst in transitioning a business management career to focus on writing. She strives to create a secure space for all identities in the gaming industry and beyond.  

She uses the power of definitions to spark conversations about what it means to take on a gamer's identity and how invisible identities, such as her own, play into our everyday lives. 

In her free time, you'll find Jenn streaming or gathered around the television with the family to play some games. 

Otherwise, she's writing. 

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