CEO, Joanie Kraut

Fearless Leader, Joanie Kraut, is a skilled collaborator and a firm advocate for ensuring opportunities are equal for all. With over fifteen years of professional experience, she has operated with the tech and gaming space within different verticals for most of her career. Leveraging her experience and ability to engage others to influence large-scale impact, Joanie is successfully navigating WIGI's turnaround, restructuring the organization from a time in which it was operating at a deficit to projecting a surplus of funding with less than a year-- not an easy feat!

Her excitement about WIGI's future is contagious, "As I work to define WIGI's future, I am pushing to find meaningful ways to support the broader gaming industry, through scholarships, mentorship and outreach to the esports community."

When asked what inspired her to take on this role, Joanie reflected on her experience, "For me, seeing was believing. Witnessing a female lead in a male-dominated Boardroom changed my career trajectory instantly. Seeing someone like me normalize what I considered an incredible feat instilled the belief that I, too, could do it. Joining WIGI's executive team has allowed me to support women in opening doors for themselves, empowering women to realize their full, incredible potential. WIGI is all about lifting as you climb."

When not working on developing novel WIGI initiatives, she's likely speaking on behalf of women or mentoring for the Wonder Woman Tech Foundation. In her free time she loves playing World of Warcraft. 

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