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Run for Equality

RUN | WALK | PLAY Your Way to 18K
Level the Playing Field with Women in Games International

Together, we have made so much progress through advocacy, training, and mentorship to improve access for women in the games industry. Our inaugural fundraiser addresses the $0.18 gender pay gap that still exists between men and women. Many non-profits experienced a funding shortfall in 2023 due to economic downturns; let's raise together this year to fill the delta.

Women make $0.82 for every $1 a man makes. Help us raise awareness, and grow WIGI's efforts to level the playing field by participating in our inaugural fundraiser. Highlighting the $0.18 pay gap, it's up to you on how you want to achieve 18k. From GDC to Gamescom, walk, run, bike, and even play your way to 18k.



Sign up on our Give Butter fundraising page to participate or lead your own WIGI fundraiser


If you lead your own, create a team page. This will automate the donation process making this super easy for you.


Request donations. The fundraising platform will automatically transfer funds to WIGI.


Don't forget to ask your company to match your donation if they have a matching program!


For the duration of the program, track and share your progress. Be sure to tag @GetWIGI when you post to social.


Achieve a one-time reward! When you raise $100 in donations, you'll receive our very first WIGI  fundraising t-shirt. Brag your swag.

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