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Gaming Industry Conferences

Women in Games International creates conference sessions for video game and tech industry conferences that highlight issues of interest to women in tech and video games. Our conference sessions have covered issues such as how to succeed in a male-dominated workplace, career advancement and salary negotiations, self-advocacy and overcoming imposter syndrome, and how to create diverse content in a globalized market.

Who We Are

Women in Games International (WIGI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to cultivate resources to advance economic equality and diversity in the global games industry. 

Turning Interest Into Action

When women weren't recognized for their contributions in the past, they were often omitted from history altogether. Since our inception in 2005, Women in Games International has been committed to investing our expertise and resources to highlight and celebrate women making an impact in the global games industry. 

WIGI utilizes seasoned industry professionals to activate and empower a global community of women and allies. Our WIGI Weekly newsletter is distributed to thousands of gaming professionals, promoting our mission, highlighting meaningful partnerships, and elevating job opportunities within the industry.

By cultivating resources such as advanced knowledge sharing, access to technology, and actionable mentorship programs, Women in Games International works to normalize women in the video game industry through increased representation. In doing so, we aim to create superior products and a stronger industry, with diverse games and greater representation that reflects the growing population of diverse gamers.



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